Hello UUCC Family,

I am a bit overwhelmed by everything that has happened over the past 2 weeks. It seems like we are being bowled over by disaster, grief, and fear. Now, after the destruction of the storms and personal loss we have experienced, we are being bombarded by the word Pandemic and see evidence of panic all around us.

I am trying to stay informed about the new strain of Corona virus, Covid-19, but there is so much information, reliable and inflammatory, out there that it can be too much to process. I have a feeling many of you are in the same place.

What we face is unprecedented. There is no pre-determined path for us to follow. I do not envy anyone in a leadership role at this time. Any and all decisions will be criticized and questioned.

Your UUCC leadership is feeling pressure about how to move forward in light of all that is happening. This is a time when we need community more that ever but gathering together may place ourselves and others in harms way. We are meeting later today to discuss options and try to decide on the most responsible way forward. We are not perfect. We will do our best. Please be patient and keep us in your thoughts, or prayers if you pray. Once we meet, we will inform everyone on our plans for tomorrow’s service and all other services for the following weeks.

A few weeks ago, I got a fortune cookie that actually had some wisdom that I think can help us all at this time. I actually taped it to my mirror so I see it every morning. It said “ Instead of giving someone a piece of your mind give them the peace of your mind.”

You are some of the most logical, level headed people I have ever known. If there is anyone that can provide peace of mind in our community, it is you.

May we be well,


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