Notification on Virtual Service

Hello Everyone,

Most of the members of the UUCC board, our worship chair, and tomorrows speakers met this afternoon to discuss how to move forward in light of the Covid-19 virus.  We have made the decision to move to a virtual service for a few weeks. This will still provide some sense of community because we will still be “gathering” but it will keep you safe in your homes. Some may feel it is an overreaction, and maybe it is, but it is what we decided to be our best option with the information we have at this time.  
We have never done anything like this before and there will probably be glitches. We will hopefully learn from any mistakes and make improvements moving forward. Please be patient as we undertake a new endeavor.

Below you will find details on how to log in or call in for service.  You can participate on a computer, smart phone/ device, or just call in on a regular phone line. We will have a small number of people at the church to organize the service and in case someone shows up that is not aware of our plan.  If you are not part of the service though, we ask that you please join us virtually.

We will try to start the session at 9:45 or so to give everyone a chance to figure out how it works so we will be ready to actually begin our service at 10:00.  (If see the name Jennifer Barnes as the meeting host, she it the person setting up the session for us.  You will be in the right place).

Thanks everyone,


To join the meeting on a computer or mobile phone: (This should allow you to download the app or use your web browser.  If you use a web browser, Chrome or Firefox are the most compatible.)

One Touch Dial-in:


Phone Dial-in 

+1-888-240-2560(US Toll Free) 

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