Meeting Information for Sunday

Update: Beginning 6/14/2020 we will now be holding virtual services on Zoom. Click here for details on how to join with Zoom.

Hello UUCC Family,

I truly hope this message finds you well.  We are preparing for our upcoming Sunday service.  You will find the information you need to login/ call in below.  We will be entirely online this week.  No one will actually be in the building for this weeks service. We hope to have a few of the kinks from last week worked out before Sunday, but there may be more issues that arise.  We ask for your patience as we work to create a new “normal” for these unprecedented times.  

One big flub from last week that I need to make you aware of… in all the hubbub of getting the service going… we forgot to record it. (virtual face palm– I am trying to remember not to touch my face)  I am very sorry.  
A few notes:If you have a gratitude to share, please email it Gates ( or Deanna


Announcements can be sent to Gates

If you have need of the food pantry, please contact Gates  or Tracie ( Here’s what you will need to login/ call in.  Take note…It is different from last week

To join the meeting on a computer or mobile phone: (You can download the app or use a web browser.  Chrome or Firefox are recommended.) 
One Touch Dial-in:+18882402560,,,,490876029#
Phone Dial-in +1-888-240-2560(US Toll Free) 
Meeting ID: 490 876 029

Thanks everyone. Be safe and may we be well,


2 Responses to “Meeting Information for Sunday

  1. Cassandra, thanks for your letter to the ed. re. the letter from the man from Doyle who believes that any discussion about race creates more racial problems. I would say this in the paper but I had another article about the film, Just Mercy going in this week. I thought that I should’t have my name in too often

    1. Thanks for your comment, Dr. Reynolds. I have always appreciated your letters in the Herald Citizen as well.

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