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Have you ever noticed how often we UUs talk about books? On any given week, you can expect to hear a book cited in the sermon and several more recommended during Reflections. Let’s face it, most of us really like to read.

We recently learned about a new company,, whose business model is to be an online bookseller that supports local, independent bookstores. Any independent bookstore can partner with them and receive a percentage of sales from Bookstores can also use to set up their own online sales presence, where they receive the revenues from the books sold from their page but don’t have to worry about inventory, shipping, or payment processing. also has an affiliate program, and that’s where UUCC comes in. As an affiliate, we now have a page of recommended books, and UUCC will receive 10% of any purchases made from our affiliate page. Even better, Bookshop’s pool of independent bookstores will also receive 10% from any sales from our page. So next time you hear about a book at church and want to buy it, you can support both UUCC and local bookstores with that purchase.

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