Flower Communion & New Member Initiation


This May 16 we will be having our first in-person service in over a year. It will be at the Courtside Pavilion at Cane Creek Park (201 C.C. Camp Road, map below), and it will be our Flower Communion service. The pavilion will be open for us from 9:30 to 11:30.

At the same time, we’ll be having a new member induction. Please remember, there is NEVER any pressure to become a UUCC member. But if you think you’d like to sign our book and covenant and make it official, we’ll have a ceremony during service that day.

We’re hoping to have either Zoom access or record the service to put on the website, as well, in case you aren’t comfortable being in person with us yet. We ask that you continue to mask and distance, especially if you are not yet fully vaccinated.

Flower Communion is a yearly ceremony where we each bring a flower (or more than one), gather them together, and each take home a different flower than we brought. Some bring beautiful cut flowers, some bring flowers from their yard, some bring wildflowers. They, like us, are all different and all beautiful. If you forget or can’t bring a flower, we’ll have some for you to use for the ceremony.

map of cane creek park by artist Matt Kneiling
Artist: Matt Kneiling

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