Adopt-a-Road Project

Group of volunteers at the March 2021 adopt-a-road litter cleanup

In March 2021, UUCC became a part of the Putnam County Clean Commission’s Adopt-A-Road program, committing to clean up litter along a 1-mile stretch of Highlands Park Blvd. at least three times per year. We achieved this goal for 2021 through three official cleanups, with several smaller, “extra-curricular” cleanups by UUs who just couldn’t resist.

We quickly found that these cleanups provided a wonderful opportunity for UUCC members and friends to gather safely outdoors and enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and fellowship while providing a service to our community and the environment. We look forward to continuing this wonderful project for a long time to come!

This project was inspired by a series of environmental sermons delivered by members of Creation Care Committee at West End United Methodist Church in Nashville, TN leading up to Earth Day, 2021.

Upcoming Cleanups

The next Adopt-a-Road litter cleanup date is scheduled for Saturday, April 22 at 9:00 Am.

Cleanups will generally take place in the spring, summer, and fall.

Cleanups to Date

  • March 2021: 276 lbs
  • July 2021: 75 lbs
  • September 2021: 200 lbs
  • March 2022: 50 lbs
  • July 2022: 50 lbs
  • September 2022:
  • April 2023: 30 lbs

Total garbage picked up to date: 681 lbs

Location Information

We have obtained permission to meet in the parking lot of Ficosa, 2991 Highlands Park Blvd., Cookeville. We gather garbage along the one-mile stretch of Highlands Park Blvd. west to the roundabout at Venture Dr. and south to Bennett Rd. If there are enough volunteers who wish to do so, we can extend our cleaning even farther down the one-mile stretch between the roundabout to the end of where Highlands Park Blvd. turns from a four-lane into a two-lane road.

If you check out the location either electronically or in person, you’ll note the boulevard is a four lane, has sidewalks and a median, lots of grassy areas, and a bridge crossing Cane Creek. The roadway appears to be safe for all types of physical abilities to participate.

General Information

The Clean Commission coordinator will bring to us all necessary supplies such as trash bags, gloves, safety vests, and grabbers. We gather garbage. Bring the full bags back to a designated area. The coordinator will come back to gather the bags or we can take the full bags to a waste service area. However, at some point, the waste must be weighed and recorded for the Clean Commission’s records.

Volunteers must sign a Clean Commission waiver and that volunteers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. If we discover any hazardous waste or dead animals, then we are to contact the coordinator. If we wish to recycle any waste, then we may separate it, but we should still weigh it for Clean Commission records.

If you have a a yellow UUCC or Side with Love shirt, please be sure to wear it. Because of the heat, humidity, insects, and possible snake activity, please dress appropriately with hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, hiking boots or other walking shoes, and lots and lots of water.

So, come on! Plan to put your faith into action. Get some much-needed exercise. Hob-knob with folks in three dimensions. Maybe do a bit of walking meditation or even bird watching. Help UUCC erect a sign proclaiming our commitment to a cleaner world – our Blue Boat Home.

Group of volunteers at the March 2021 adopt-a-road litter cleanup

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