Congregational Meeting June 18

We will be holding a congregational meeting immediately after service on Sunday, June 18 to elect the 2023-2024 board members and to determine how we wish our delegates to vote at General Assembly.

The proposed slate of board members is as follows:

President: Norma Scarlet
President-Elect: Cassandra Gronendyke
Treasurer: Sandra Jordan
Secretary: Carol Fleetwood

Member-at-Large: Kathleen Rozanski
Member-at-Large: Richard Shaffer
Member-at-Large: Vacant*

*Anyone interested in filling the vacant position is encouraged to speak to any board member.

Kathleen and Deanna are our delegates for General Assembly this year. This is a big year and we are deciding on Article II of our UUA bylaws, which will change our seven principles. Therefore, we’ll have a congregational vote on whether we would like to accept the propose revisions to Article II. 

If you need more info to make an informed decision on this (and I recommend that you do, especially if you missed our services on Article II), you can find lots here:

including the text of article II (click on the cover) and proposed amendments. It’s likely that it’ll be amended before it comes to the floor, but I don’t expect it to be significantly changed. 

And of course, Deanna is happy to answer any questions if she can. 

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