Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for carrying out the business of the congregation as a legal nonprofit entity. The fifth principle of Unitarian Universalism is that we shall affirm and promote right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large. Therefore, all positions on the UUCC Board of Directors are filled via annual elections. The new board term begins each year on July 1 and ends on June 30. Only members of the congregation may vote and run for board positions.

Board Members for Fiscal year 2023-2024

Norma Scarlett

Cassandra Gronendyke

Sandra Jordan

Carol Fleetwood

Kathleen Rozanski
Richard Shaffer

*Vacancies may be filled by the board at any time. If you are interested in filling a vacant position, please speak with any board member or our minister.

Board meetings are typically held on the second Sunday of each month at 11:45 Am (following service and Reflections). Please refer to the Events Calendar for the date and time of the next Board meeting.

Official Committees

The following are official committees established by the Board. Membership and leadership of committees is open to all who wish to offer their joyful service, both members and non-members. New committees may be formed as the need arises. If you desire to start a project or initiative but do not see an existing committee that seems appropriate, please share your ideas with a board member. We would love to explore ways to move your ideas forward!

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee is responsible for securing sermon speakers, service coordinators, and music for each Sunday service.

Social Justice Committee

The Social Justice Committee is the justice-making arm of the UUCC. The SJC engages in projects and activities to advance social justice in our community, state, nation, and the world.

Circle of Care Committee

The Circle of Care Committee is responsible for continuing outreach to members and friends of the congregation to keep our connections strong.

COVID-19 Return Committee

The COVID-19 Return Committee is tasked with developing a plan for the safe return to in-person congregational activities.

Board Position Descriptions

Below is the principal function of each board position as outlined in the congregational by-laws.


  • Preside at Board & Congregational Meetings while ensuring that the Bylaws of the congregation are distributed and followed.


  • Assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President & assume the duties of President following the end of the current President’s term.


  • Keep a record of all proceedings of the Board and all congregational meetings (both regularly scheduled and specially held) including minutes, agenda, & Treasurer’s report as it applies.
  • Maintain a record of Policies and Procedures adopted by the Board.


  • Receive & safely keep all money & other property of the congregation entrusted to their care.
  • Make disbursements as directed or approved by the Board.
  • Keep true and complete records of all the financial affairs of the congregation (in books belonging to the congregation).
  • Report the status of fiscal affairs to the Board at each regular Board Meeting, and to the congregation at each annual congregational meeting.


  • Attend official board meetings, provide input on board business, and vote on matters that come before the board.