UUCC Funeral Wishes Form

As your faith community, UUCC has created a form for individuals to be able to inform us of their funeral wishes in the event of their passing.

The form may be printed, signed, and returned to the UUCC Board Secretary either in person at the church or via mail at the address below. If you are unable to print the form, please contact the Board and we will be happy to mail you a blank form.

Attn: Board Secretary
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Cookeville
31 W. 1st St.
Cookeville, TN 38501

Organ, Tissue, & Body Donation

As you consider your end-of-life plans, we would like to encourage you to consider organ donation. The Tennessee Organ and Tissue Donor Registry has a convenient website that allows you to review and update your current donor status. You will have the opportunity to make the specific selections that you are comfortable with regarding which organs may be donated and what purposes they may be donated for. Your act of generous forethought today could save or radically improve someone’s life down the road.

If you are not a Tennessee resident, please visit the OrganDonor.gov website to learn about organ and tissue donation in your state.

Donating one’s body to scientific research or medical teaching is another option you may wish to consider. UTK accepts body donation through its Forensic Anthropology Center.

Green Burial

If green burial is an option you are considering, there are two options within the state of Tennessee:

Other Resources

Red Cross Emergency Contact Form

You can print and laminate this card and keep it in your wallet with information for emergency responders.

Five Wishes Living Will

This is an easy-to-understand advance directive form that can serve as a living will and is legally binding once completed and witnessed/notarized. There is a small cost of $5 or $10, but UUCC may organize to purchase $25 forms for $2 each as a group, so if you are interested in joining that, please contact a Board member.

Tennessee Death Doulas

According to Wikipedia, a Death Doula “is a person who assists in the dying process, much like a midwife or doula does with the birthing process.”

Estate Planning

The article linked above may be helpful in getting you started on planning for what will happen to your worldly possessions after your death. One of many things to consider is leaving a gift to the UUCC. If the mission and vision of our congregation resonate with you, your legacy gift could help take us to the next level, maybe a building of our own, or a Religious Education program, or whatever else you imagine and envision for our congregation.