Meditation is typically being held both in person at UUCC and online via Zoom. An announcement is typically made after Sunday service if there will be any changes for that week. Join on Zoom:

Facilitated by our minister Deanna Lack, meditation is at 6:00 pm on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. Deanna believes that meditation can work for everyone. The intent is to offer many tools to put in your mindfulness toolbox, so that on days it’s just really difficult to sit on a cushion you can find another mindful technique like coloring, or walking, or even eating mindfully. The concepts are rooted in Buddhism, and it is occasionally a traditional mindfulness (vipassana) meditation. In general, she likes to do a guided portion of the meditation to help beginners get comfortable with the process, and then silence for a portion of the time. But each session has a theme and the intent is to offer ways to work meditation into a busy life and experiment with different meditative ideas and techniques.