Member Ric Finch curates a movie night once a month. His curation is eclectic. You’re not likely to see the latest action movie, but we have had everything from classic Romeo & Juliet to documentaries to some really obscure films. Ric always has a story to tell about his movies, too. If you’re interested in the movies you’ll want to be on his mailing list to get the whole scoop. Email Ric at to be added to the mailing list.

They tend to be on Monday nights at 7 Pm, but you’ll need to check our Events page or the Events on Facebook for the definitive date, or let Ric keep you up to date via email.

Please remember the rules: To participate in movie night you need to be vaccinated. Please wear your mask inside the building.…excepting when you are snacking on the movie refreshments that you bring for
yourself (we will not share group snacks). See you then & there!