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  1. Please read this softly as that is how I meant it . I truly enjoyed listening to this message again . I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything and also to listen in my quiet space , silencing my own thoughts for awhile , no worry of the time or how I look on zoom , just listening ….I said in reflections I do not love every one and will not burden myself with trying to do that . I continued that I will show kindness and respect . Is that the ” action ” of love . When I volunteer to help a person or several , is that the “action” of love and therefore in fact love ? When showing kindness to someone I really don’t even like is that love or common courtesy . If as a child you are taught to love( have love) for everyone is it reasonable that the child soon believes every one loves them too. ? Hard may be the day to find that that is not true .The term ” Christian ” love comes to mind which brings up defining the word “love “. If in fact you wish no one harm , believe in the dignity and worth of , hope that everyone has food ,clothing and shelter , freedom from abuse is that love ? Do we only define it as love when the action or thought produces a feeling . A feeling much like has been described in books, movies , etc. And as you know, I am not talking about romantic love . Yes , what the world needs now is love . Perhaps what the world needs now is a lot less hate .

    1. Yes, all of that is love. And if love is a burden then it is likely not love and you’re asking more of yourself than love requires. Love you. 🙂

      1. Thank you ,Had not thought about .that one for awhile . Thank you for responce . Love you ☺

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