The Fire of Commitment

Reflecting on our Values

Below is the values exercise we did during the service, for those who would like to sit down and take a little more time with it.

On a piece of paper, write “I value…”

Then take a few minutes and free-write everything you value. Write any thing that you value (family, justice, love, diversity, creativity…). Write anything and everything that comes to mind and don’t censor yourself.

Now, look at this list and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How am I using my time to support my values?
    1. Look at each thing you’ve written down, and think about how you support it with your time. If you wrote “family,” are you using your time to support family? How? Are you comfortable with how much time you devote to this value? If not, what might you do differently to move closer to what would make you comfortable and happy?
  2. How am I using my talents to support my values?
    1. It might be good to write down what you think your talents are. Sometimes we undervalue our own talents. What talent do you contribute to your values? What talents or skills do you not have but want to have?
  3. How am I using my treasure to support my values?
    1. This means mostly our financial resources but other resources might be involved, such as offering your home as a gathering place or using your car to take others to vote.

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