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Before you pick a word of the year, you might want to try some of these exercises.

  1. Be/Do/Have: Set a timer for five minutes for each of these. Free write for 5 minutes, I want to be, I want to (do), I want to have. Don’t censor or overthink, write whatever comes to mind.
  2. Consider what is weighing you down or frustrating you as you move into a new year. What do you need to let go, and how does it lead into what you need to build?
  3. Consider what you most need. Sometimes we neglect to acknowledge our own needs. If you need help with this, you can consult Marshall Rosenberg’s list of needs here:  https://www.cnvc.org/training/resource/needs-inventory

Ways to make your word “stick”:

  1. Put it somewhere (or many places) you can see it.
  2. Feel it. How does it make you feel?
  3. Meditate with it or walk with it, write about it in your journal. Bring it into your spiritual practice. If someone else had the same word they might mean something entirely different. What does your word mean to you?
  4. Live it. Make mini-goals to integrate it into your day.6.     Review it. At the end of whatever interval of time feels most comfortable, review how living with your word felt and worked.

More ways to play with your word:

  1. Make a vision board using images from magazines or the internet. You can make a physical or digital collage.
  2. Find a quote that has to do with your word and write it in your planner or on something you’ll see.
  3. Write an affirmation that incorporates your word.
  4. Each day, ask what you can do to bring it to life.
  5. Find books, poetry, or readings that have to do with your word, and add to your reading list.
  6. Use it to set goals and decide whether your goals are a good fit for right now.
  7. Whatever crafts you enjoy, make something that incorporates your word.

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