This Congregation is a theologically diverse religious community with membership open to all who are in accordance with our principles, mission and vision. We are an independent member congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Our congregation is entirely self-governed and financially supported by the voluntary generosity of our members and friends.

While services are online due to COVID-19, we are relying on alternative means for members and friends to contribute. Use the options above or to the right to make a secure donation to the UUCC through PayPal or by mail.

The Joy of Giving

Living is giving. We live life best as we give our strengths, gifts, and competencies . . .We are called to serve, not survive. Our giving makes a difference in our families, our congregation, our community, and our faith.

adapted from Kennon L. Callahan

What are some ways that we can all give to help support our faith community? Here are a few suggestions. Maybe one fits your knowledge, skills, and abilities. Maybe your have your own ideas. Share them with us.


  • Clean up after Sunday fellowship.
  • Visit or phone a member or visitor who is feeling under the weather.
  • Distribute hymnals and Order of Service before Sunday services.
  • Volunteer for community activities. 


  • Artistically inclined? Arrange the bulletin board area.
  • Good cook? Bring goodies to share during/after worship (or First Sunday Potluck)
  • Computer guru? Help with the web site.
  • Singer? Teach us the words to your favorite songs.
  • Board Player? Bring your favorite board game to share during game nights.


  • Pledge what you can comfortably give.
  • Donate on Sundays.
  • Purchase books through our Affiliate page.
  • Use to donate a portion of your purchases (0.5%). Use this link to Amazon.
  • Go to web site, community, community rewards, sign in (or create an account). UUCC’s organization code number: 89683.

For further info on the Kroger Rewards and Amazon Smile programs, see our Fundraisers page.


  • At Home: Biological family, roommates, significant others
  • At Work: Co-workers, employers, employees, net workers
  • At Play: Social media, sports teams, civic organizations, charitable organizations, 


  • Become a Sunday Service Coordinator.
  • Work with the Worship Committee.
  • Learn how to become a Board member by talking with any current Board member.
  • Run for a seat on the Board of Directors (e.g., president, president elect, treasurer, secretary, or member-at-large)