What our Members and Friends Have To Say About This Community

“Every Sunday morning when I am with the UUCC members, I feel at peace with me and the world.”


There are three things I love about this church:
1. When they say they welcome everyone, they really mean it. They don’t mean, Come in, we’ll fix you. It’s okay to be who you are.
2. They are serious about social justice.
3. If you’ve been hurt by religion before, if you’re skeptical, if organized religion is “not your thing”, but you still consider yourself a spiritual person, then I think you’ll fit right in.
4. It’s a store front. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could window shop all religions before you walked in the doors?
Yes, I know that’s four.

Our members almost always have a smile to share, unless you need a hug more.

I came to this church because I heard about it and I saw the signs in their window reading things like “LGBT+ Welcome! All religions or lack there of WELCOME!” and such and was very interested. I am a Pagan Witch and was curious just HOW open minded this church could have been. I hadn’t been to any sort of church in over a decade. I was shy at first, still am sometimes, and as soon as I walked in I was greeted with open arms and kind words. Ever since then I have loved every moment I’ve been at this church and fallen in love with the sense of community and kindness they make a huge effort to spread. They all know I’m a Pagan Witch. They know what I practice. And instead of trying to lure me into joining some sort of other religion, they are all super interested in it and have even been asking me to make a weekly class and talk about it and teach them more. It’s a very non-dogmatic, non-judgemental place. It’s not one specific religion. Muslim, Pagan, Buddhist, Christian, Atheist, Agnostic, Mystic, whatever you are — this church will welcome you and not make you feel “weird” about going to church anymore.


This congregation has felt like a home for me when I moved out on my own. Growing up in a non-religious household in the south showed me a lot. Any time I would go to church with a friend I was always looked at as an outsider, while their welcome always seemed forced. If you arrive late to this congregation, you will not be greeted with snide looks of judgement, but with encouraging waves and smiles from day one. This community protects and enlightens one another regardless of race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs etc. Because of this I have received insight from unexpected places. In the words of another member, we are all on separate paths climbing to the peak of the same mountain. Even if you don’t have any religious beliefs I’d encourage you read their seven principals. They are pretty easy to get behind. Many of which connect to social justice. These people will not ignore injustice in their community or at large. Plus there are always refreshments in the back for if you enjoy refreshments! I always leave on Sundays with a warmed heart.


“I needed to find a place that was accepting of all people. I needed a place to encourage and provide me support in bettering people’s lives and the earth we live on in positive ways. This congregation does both. It provides real opportunities to participate in social justice that is lacking in this community. I’m so thankful and encouraged to be part this group.”


This is not a church – it’s a community. Everyone I have met associated with this place is open, friendly, and genuinely caring – even when I meet them outside of church, out in the community, when they have no idea I have attended the same church! They strive to be very active in the community, especially in the realm of social justice, which I adore. If there is an issue that comes up that seems unfamiliar, I have watched them host discussions with experts in order to grasp concepts and learn, and then work so hard to make a difference in the community and help others. They truly strive to walk their talk.


These people have become my family, my friends, and my community. They are open, honest and caring. We work together to strengthen our bonds to each other, and to the community and the world. We are each walking our own faith journey, together.


A lovely little congregation full of followers of the seven principles listed on their wall. Plus they have food on the first Sunday of each month!


“Loving and sharing community for anyone who cares about themselves and others.”


If you’re more comfortable meeting some of us virtually before coming in the door, check out our Facebook Group.