“Worship” is a tricky word. It conjures up connotations of getting on your knees in reverence for God or another deity. And while we use this word to describe our services, there’s no getting on your knees, there’s no need to believe in any particular theology or even necessarily believe in God at all. We are a non-doctrinal faith. The focus of our worship is the SEEKING the answers to life’s big questions, and, sometimes, being content to not know the answers. We pick a topic, we have a service, listen to a sermon, and often after service we compare notes.

When we think of the word “worship,” we mean reverence for all that is sacred, whatever you believe that to be. It might be the Earth, it might be the community of humans, it might be a particular concept of the Divine that sings to your soul. We invite you to join us and tell us your thoughts on these things. We believe that spiritual growth is a result of learning more, trying on new ideas, and growing together in maturity. Wherever you are on that road, we’d enjoy walking with you.