Our services can be a little informal at times, with congregational participation and the occasional laugh together. We are a small congregation with an average Sunday attendance around 15-30, which results in a warm, conversational feel to our services.

Sunday services are mask-optional and multi-platform, with participants joining both in person and on Zoom. Zoom participants are integrated into the service as much as possible. Zoom meeting information can be found on the right hand side of this page (bottom on mobile).

This is a brief description of our order of service:

  • Some words of welcome.
  • We say our Mission Statement together to remind ourselves why we come together
  • Lighting the Flaming Chalice
  • Hymns, with piano accompaniment
  • Our ritual of Joys and Sorrows, where members and friends come forward to drop a pebble in a bowl of water and share a joy or a sorrow from their week. You are welcome to participate if the spirit moves you but no one is required to.
  • A moment of silent meditation or prayer to hold the joys and sorrows in community
  • A sermon on a variety of topics
  • Offertory. We do pass a plate at our services because we are entirely supported by the contributions of members and friends, but no one is required or coerced to donate, ever.
  • Then we extinguish the chalice and offer a blessing for parting.
  • Refreshments and fellowship!
  • After service, there is an optional Reflections discussion on the sermon topic, if you enjoy talking as much as we do!

Expect to be welcomed, whatever you feel like wearing that day, from shorts to a shirt and tie. You’ll likely be greeted near the door, and you can get a name tag and sign our guestbook if you’re a visitor, but both are optional. If you do get a name tag, please feel free to write your pronouns of choice on it so that we all can greet you appropriately. Feel free to help yourself to coffee, tea, and refreshments.