At UUCC you will find an eclectic variety of music being used in our services. Our primary hymnals are the UUA-published Singing the Living Tradition and its supplement, Singing the Journey. “Inspired by various liberation philosophies, cross-cultural perspectives, and ecological awareness,” these collections seek “to express a full range of spiritual imagery.” Music from six continents is represented within their pages.

Most Sundays, member Janie Finch provides beautiful piano accompaniment to the hymns sung during service. You can hear a sample of Janie’s playing in the introduction to each episode of the UUCC Podcast. When Janie is unavailable, we experiment with recordings, singing a cappella, and group instrumental participation. The musical interests of our congregation are as varied as its members.

Music from Harry Potter has been known to make its way into service, and members have stayed after service to participate in a drum circle. Whether you are looking to explore spirituality through music or just miss the sense of community that emerges from singing with other people, UUCC has something to offer you. We look forward to enjoying your musical contributions as well!