Hello from MTSU!

James L Walker Library

I just wanted to update on what my studies look like these days. I’ve finished my Commissioned Lay Ministry program and interviewed. My commissioning ceremony will be on September 18th at Cane Creek during our service, and I am so excited about it! Friends from my CLM program are coming to be with us. And my family, who do not often attend. I am almost a full-fledged Commissioned Lay Minister.

It’s good timing for the next step on my journey. I graduated last December with an Associate’s in English from Motlow State Community College. I’m so thankful to MSCC’s great Honors department for the challenging and interesting classes, and for steering me toward MTSU’s Honors College. I received an Honors Transfer Fellowship from MTSU and started here last week. I’m writing to you from this absolutely fabulous library, which just might be the thing I’m most excited about on this campus, and I’ve barely begun to explore the resources.

My major is Religious Studies, with a minor in Social Justice. Classes this semester include Religion and Society, Religion and Film, an Honors Research Symposium to prepare me for the thesis I need to write as an Honors fellow, and Social Problems. I am really enjoying all of them. Last night I watched Batman: The Dark Knight for Religion and Film (thanks, Prof. Sweeton, for preparing me so well for this class!). In Religion & Society we’re discussing how to define religion, and in Social Problems we’re on Poverty. I’m keeping a list handy because all of these classes keep inspiring ideas for sermon topics.

One challenge is the time demands and physical demands of campus, which is a bit over an hour from home, and it is sprawling. My first day, I walked five miles. I’ve figured out how to cut that a bit (like, knowing where I’m going, for starters). It’s still a lot of walking, which I’m actually really grateful for. I needed to be more active. And, the campus is beautiful. First week kicked my butt though, I slept soooo much.

But I am excited to be here and excited for my studies and excited for the opportunities and facilities, and excited to start the next leg of my educational journey, now that I’ve figured out what I want to be when I grow up (and I am it! just not as qualified to be it as I would like).

Thanks and love for the support of my family and friends, who reassure me that it would be weird if my first week of college didn’t kick my butt, and especially for my congregation believing in me. Love you guys. I’m here first and foremost for me, but I’m also here for you. <3

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